Chewelah Marble Valley Farm House

Spring greens tossed by the wind.  Old sheds sinking into the overgrowth.  All typical views of the NE Washington farmstead from the earlier part of the century.  They now wear a heavy coat of vegetation and show signs of lack of attention while they age.

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Clarkston River Edge

Settling close to the riverbank, the buildings and businesses of Clarkston have perched themselves on the slender bit of land between hillsides and river bank.  The river has been the life-blood of Clarkston and brought about its birth from historic traffic along the river.  Now, it cont

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Swiss Valley

Nestled beneath Dunn Mountain, just off the Marble Valley Basin road there is a quaint lane that another captivating name, like so many in this area.  The Huckleberry Mountains are home to many little valleys with old farms and sprawling pastures all aging quietly in the sun.  Peaceful does not

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Daisy Mine Road

Have you ever BEEN on Daisy Mine Road?  This is an experience for those of you who are unaccustomed to the deep back woods of NE Washington.  Soft sand and gravel instead of pavement and sharp twists as well as some steep hills and little valleys keep any traveler on their toes.  Chris chose

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Houseless in Redding

Houseless in Redding was painted in 2010 during the housing debacle.  It's inspriation is in the plight of the people that were struggling with the times and actually living in these vehicles. The man in the foreground slept in the cab of his pickup cab, and stayed in it during the 100 degree hea

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Scrimshaw Works

The art form of scrimshaw requires intense, exhausting, concentration, and the subject matter has always been realistic.  Scrimshaw is the name giv

Painting Works

Chris's unique style is one of the things that attract viewers to his paintings.  It's all in the color.

Works for Sale

If you have been thinking about adding a Chris Lehwalder painting to your decor or collection of artwork, take a look at the gallery of Works for Sale

Meet the Artist

If you have never met Chris Lehwalder, you are in for a treat.  Chris's life has provided him with vivid memories and a strong interest in discoverin


Chris Lehwalder Galleries

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Chris Lehwalder LOVES color.  Like most artists, Chris uses color to make his interpretations of what he sees into unique and exciting works of art.

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Chris shows his artworks in galleries around the world.  You may find the paintings in a gallery in Hawaii just as easily as in San Fransisco , Seattle  and the Spokane area.

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A walk through any gallery showing Chris's work will quickly exhibit the many sources of inspiration for his paintings.  Chris lives surrounded by the beautiful mountains and valleys of NE Washington so there is constant influx of beauty, color, and all the things that set off the artists creativity.

My latest work

Lahina Waves

"I am never more excited than when I have a new painting to bring to my viewers.  I love the response and initial feelings that my piece will generate from folks. » read more

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Welcome to Chris Lehwalder Art World!

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New Gallery Exhibition

Chris's work can now be seen at the Ship Store Gallery, Coconut market place, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii   » read more

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Scrimshaw design

Scrimshaw Design
Scrimshaw design by Chris Lehwalder is an art form which requires intense, exhausting, concentration, and the subject matter has always been realistic.» read more

About Chris Lehwalder

When you meet the artist you can enjoy the work to its fullest extent.  Chris Lehwalder's full life has provided him with inspiration and direction. » read more